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Introducing Thinking Free – the Working Free ThinkTank

The driving force behind Working Free is our contention that if you subtract the number of FTEs (Full time working employees (nothing more and nothing less) from the Total Workforce figure published by the Office of National Statistics (ONS) on their monthly employment statistics (now about 32mn) you get a figure continuing to get closer to parity with everyone who is not FTE.

You’ll read much about this on our website – and particularly on this section – and we watch closely what other commentators observe and publish.  Whilst we have not sought confirmation of our contention, we have never seen anything – from anywhere – that would strongly contradict our contention.

So whatever they think – or whatever you think – it is very clear that employment models are changing.  And, at the heart of this are individuals behaving – and working independently – in whole or in part and in a variety of formats – including spme with more autonomy within their roles within the Organisation.

What many are also beginning to realise is that these behaviours, abilities and skills are valuable for ALL senior professionals in the workplace whether operating independently or not.

Please note that Working Free’s thinking started as far back as the early 1980s and it accelerated as we moved into the new millennium.  This is reflected in the material that you will find on this section of our website.  Some of it is not specifically dated. Some goes back quite a way. Some of the older material that looks forward has not actually happened either wholly or in part or not yet! eg: The much debated and forecasted unemployment figure due to Covid did not happen. But something else happened instead.  Covid made a big difference.  But the trend was established long ago.

Please also note (3.8.22) that Working Free has been – and might still be – very critical of Government, HMRC and many Observers in respect of the continuing muddle about IR35 and Employment Models. However, recent Government announcements (July 2022) may well herald a new and constructive approach to this long-standing inadequacy.  

(In this connection. Working Free has had for a few years an excellent solution to this unsatisfactory and untidy matter. This……………….

The government should create a new type of limited company which any independent worker may set up and trade through. Normal rules for limited companies apply except that this type is forbidden to pay dividends and remuneration to family members not formally employed in the business. Taxed.  They would file quarterly reports – virtually identical to the VAT system – and pay over PAYE and NI relating to remuneration paid out by the company during that period.  In this way, legitimate expenses can be charged in accordance with company and tax law and the engaging client company has no responsibilities in this regard.  If, and when, wound up, any surplus would be deemed to be income of the Directors at the time of winding up. (C. Working Free Ltd 2017.)

“Better Comes Next” is our collaborative and inclusive management mission.

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