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The Working Free Programme consists of an expanding range of MasterClasses covering Career Options, Support Topics and Guest Specialist Workshops – available Live Onsite or Online or OnDemand Formats – and through our Learning Management System and specialist Delivery Partners.

Looking Forward……..

  • Our continuous updating processes promote the growing value of all our MasterClasses – not like a book which is out of date the moment it is published.
  • it is our policy to add new Career Options as and when opportunities or needs arise. For example – in time, we might look at “Buying all or part of a Business”.  But not quite mainstream for us.
  • It is also our policy to add new Support Topics as and when opportunities or needs arise. Partly, this would be about picking out part of a current MasterClass where more time and scrutiny of an item covered by Sales and/or Marketing sees some demand.

Better comes Next!

Working Free Bundled Products – OnDemand – 1.10.23    

The Working Free Bundled Programme  offers senior Executives a unique and integrated package of mature and guided learnings based on watching, reading, listening and discussion about new career directions as Independent Professionals .

These are delivered through up to 25 specialist MasterClasses – including equivalents, 3 different Delivery formats – OnDemand, OnLine and OnSite – and with expert individual personal tutoring and revisiting as and when required over the agreed period.

The Working Free overall MasterClass Programme is arranged into Bundles as part of the Business Model and for pricing purposes.


  • Bundle 1 – The Discovery Suite – 3 MasterClasses in this Bundle.
  • Bundle 2 – The Career Options Suite – 3  MasterClasses  in each Bundle for – Charity Trustees and Consultancy, Coaching & Mentoring, Interim Management, Non-Executive Directors and Turnarounds .
  • Bundle 3 – Support Topic –  The Business Development Suite – 3 MasterClasses  in this  Bundle  –  Marketing, Sales , Social Media.
  • Bundle 4 – Support Topics – 1 MasterClass per Bundle.  These are currently Networking and Pricing.
  • Bundle 5 – Working Free Workshops. (Workshops are like MasterClasses but the Content belongs to the Delivery Partner – NOT Working Free. These are priced separately :-
  • Innovation and Creativity
  • Networking Workshop
  • Bundle 6 – External arrangements. These are Accounting and Tax and Taking Legal Advice.   Fees are payable directly to our Collaborative External Partner.

Product  Pricing – for each Delivery Format

OnDemand –  Part released – 10.9.23.

OnLine – Not released yet

OnSite – Not released yet

“Better Comes Next” is our collaborative and inclusive management mission.

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