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WorkingFree supports the Senior Executive considering or embarking on a new career as an independent professional.

Why WorkingFree?

WorkingFree supports the Senior executive considering a new career as an Independent Professional or for those already operating independently – but would like to do better.

WorkingFree has developed its model over a number of years and is a new niche-designed concept providing a structure for senior executives to re-invent themselves and transition from a mainstream career to become an Independent Professional.

The WorkingFree Programme consists of an expanding range of on-line MasterClasses, each supported by a Specialist Delivery Partner.

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WorkingFree for Organisations

WorkingFree offers benefits for Organisations as part of restructuring, redundancy, outplacement, career development or other mid-career transitioning arrangements.

  • Good leavers are worth keeping in touch with – achieving enduring connections.
  • Those leaving under restructuring programmes don’t all want to find roles mirroring the one they’ve just left.
  • Re-engaging Former Employees on a Freelance Basis is becoming a default – in spite of IR35.
  • Enhancing your corporate CSR and ESG Programmes.
  • An enlightened alternative to traditional outplacement services.

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WorkingFree for Individuals

WorkingFree can help you decide if an independent career is for you – either before you leave full time employment or during it or after you have left.   We are living in a changing world. Post Covid , we are seeing the emergence of a variety of employment/ engagement – invariably bespoke – arrangements.

  • A preparation for new working environments and models.
  • A broadening, an extension and – maybe – a renewal – of personal and professional skills.
  • An exploration of entrepreneurial skillsets, attitudes and behaviours.
  • It’s a lifestyle change from dependence to independence.
  • WorkingFree builds on what you’ve got – it does not start again.

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WorkingFree Programmes

Discovery Suite

The Discovery Suite is our entry level MasterClass Programme, consisting of three MasterClasses.

Introduction and Definitions

Developing and Delivering your Personal Professional Product (PPP)

How to win Work

This is the starting point for all Clients, and includes one-to-one support from a specialist delivery partner.

Career Options

Clients can choose which career options to explore from our selection of Masterclass

Charity Trustees

Coaching & Mentoring

Interim Management

Non Executive Directors (NED)


There are 3 MasterClasses in each Career option all with one-to-one support from a specialist delivery partner.

Support Topics

Our support topics focus on key areas and topics that will support the skill sets, attitudes and behaviours required to work independently.

Innovation & Creativity



Networking Express Bundle

Sales & Marketing

Accounting & Tax

Taking Legal Advice

“Better Comes Next” is our collaborative and inclusive management mission.

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