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Sales & Marketing for the Independent Professional

For many senior Professionals, looking at Independent Working as a life-changing new Career move, the process of working out how to sell whatever your “Personal Professional Product” is –  and then go out  into the  Market – whatever your Market is –  and actually  win  work can be very daunting – a mix of lack of knowledge and planning  – and some fear.

The terms ‘Sales‘ and ‘Marketing‘ are often used together but it is important to understand how they are different and how they compliment each-other.  Many Organisations will have a Sales Department and Marketing Department with completely different skills and activities, both working to help the business to sell products and services.

Sales Versus Marketing

MeaningSales refers to the process of selling the product to a customer at a certain price and time.Marketing is understanding the requirements of the customer so the product sells its self.
OrientationProduct orientated.Customer orientated.
FocusClient needs.Market needs.
DurationShort term.Long term.
ObjectiveTo turn potentials into buyers.Identify needs of customers and create products and services to satisfy those needs.
RelationshipOne to one.One to many.
TargetIndividual or small group.General public.
ActivityCustomer driven.Media driven.
Strategy UsedPush strategy.Pull strategy.
Skills requiredSelling & conversational skills.Creative & analytical skills.

Delivery Partner

Working Free’s Delivery Partner on Sales & Marketing is Peter Barnett.

  • Peter Barnett
    Peter Barnett
    Chief Operating Officer

Our Sales and Marketing MasterClasses lie at the heart of – and are the foundation of – your Business Planning.  What is important for the Independent is to de-couple YOU as a person from YOU as a business – as a Professional Practice.  You need to treat your own Business Plan – and your own Marketing Plan as though it were someone else’s.

We think it important that those attending our Marketing and Sales MasterClasses should have previously attended the three MasterClasses forming our Discovery Suite. This is important for context reasons and to understand the interactivity of marketing and Selling Professional Services.

Sales and Marketing- in our context – are hugely interactive with our Independent Career Options,  Support Topics and Free Access Support Topics ( FAST).  We also offer an alumni continuity after these MasterClasses through specially arranged follow-on Sessions and, in particular, our MasterMind facilities.  Please read about these on our website.

Our overall approach is based on our MasterClasses interacting with our comprehensive working website which covers, in a structured way, the planned programme of effective support to those taking part.  This is reached through our Learning Management System which includes copies of all slides and full Delivery Partner Notes.  This is reached through our Learning Management System and includes copies of all slides and full Delivery Partner Notes.  Access is available to Working Free Clients only and through an agreed Working Free Pathfinder Programme. More information please complete the form below and we will get in touch.

“Better Comes Next” is our collaborative and inclusive management mission.

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Peter Barnett
Chief Operating Officer

Peter worked his way up in the corporate world working for companies including Cornhill Insurance and GE Capital before moving into the private sector becoming the Business development Director of Frosts (Landscaping & Garden Centre Group). This was a very successful phase and provided the springboard to enable Peter to start his own consultancy in 2009.

Since then Peter has worked with over 60 businesses advising on Business Development and Strategy including launching new businesses and brands. He has gained valuable experiences that helps him to understand the challenges in moving from a senior role to becoming successful as an independent.


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