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Working Together

Working Free supports the Senior Executive considering or embarking on a new career as an independent professional. We work with Individuals directly and with Organisations as part of restructuring, redundancy, outplacement, career development or other mid-career transitioning arrangements and where independent working at senior levels is seen as an attractive way forward.

Working Free provides a personal and bespoke programme of Master Classes, each supported by an experienced Specialist Delivery Partner in transitioning individual’s from corporate life to operating as an Independent professional.

Working Free places an emphasis on personal support rather than transactional and is respectful toward individual  requirements.

Our baseline business delivers a personal bespoke Programme of Working Free MasterClasses (up to 25) for one individual. This is scaled up for as many individuals who approach us or are referred by corporate clients.

  • The Bespoke Programmes can mix’n’match as required – although we do have some strong recommendations.
  • Each MasterClass lasts about one hour on average; is slide-based (between 15 and 20 each); all supported by voiceovers; and each can then be viewed with Supporting Notes to read.
  • Each MasterClass  includes time with a topic-savvy Specialist Delivery Partner.
  • For the agreed price, per MasterClass,  all this is open for our Client’s personal use for 4 months.

So…. If you’ve got several MasterClasses on the go at the same time – that’s a lot of learning to cope with!

 The Working Free Approach

  • Talking about it is free! We like talking. It’s important.  It’s about people’s lives.
  • Even better is talking about it face to face!
  • And then we can construct an outline plan – and talk about how best to organise and deliver it.
  • Any journey starts with a single step. Best to start with our Delivery Suite – then review each personal plan
  • Understanding what we do and how we do it is as important as Working Free understanding you and your business – and what you are trying to achieve through our overall MasterClass Programme.
  • It is important to keep talking – to make sure that all is going to plan and you are getting more that you have contracted for! (It’s fairly complicated, scheduling a multiplicity of progammes.)

Please see our Terms of Business here

Lorren Wyatt is Chair and Head of Practice, Professional Services at Working Free.

Lorren Wyatt  encourages good planning and preparation for all aspects of the exit process – not only in being conducted properly and fairly within employment regulations but ensuring employees exit with dignity. The process needs to be seen to be fair from the perspective of those employees who will remain and from an PR perspective, protecting the organisation’s brand.

Lorren points out that the way in which some major redundancies have been conducted have featured with negative News Headlines, possibly reflecting lack of proper process applied across these important factors.

This is his view:-

“Outplacement can take many forms but is regarded as a commodity to help find another job. But, for an individual  considering independence, Working Free offers a different, innovative and personal support service for transitioning from a corporate role to that of an independent professional”

Lorren Wyatt is a former Group HRD of a FTSE 100 Financial Services Group before he joint-ventured with an International Law Firm and led the HR Business Consulting Division, advising clients in both private and public sectors. Lorren has multi-jurisdiction experience gained whilst working with a Norwegian PE global business. More recently, he has advised Health Tech start-ups and is a Co- founder of a US company with AI powered ear-nose-throat health solutions. Lorren has been closely associated with Devonshire House for many years – and, more recently, with Working Free as Chair and Head of Practice.

Better comes next!  Has this really happened for you?

The proof of model lies in the extent to which Organisations and Individuals perceive its value in retrospect.  Did it put you in a better place in planning your next steps? Did you have a better recognition of and confidence in your own professional value? Do you feel better about where and how you might Win Work?

“Better Comes Next” is our collaborative and inclusive management mission.

“Better Comes Next” is our collaborative and inclusive management mission.

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