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Atypical Working

For those who think that operating as an Independent at senior levels is a second best option, have a look at the CIPD’s (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development) comprehensive Report “Atypical Working – Guidance for employers” – HERE

(NOTE from Working Free – The perception of many that the CIPD has a focus on big companies and their Human Resource Directors and staff and their permanent workforce does not square up with the messages from this comprehensive Report – that a major part of the workforce are NOT FTEs. (Well Done, CIPD for taking a holistic view!)

It seems to us at Working Free that our “Self Drive Workers” is the same thing.  But, “Atypical Worker” has the advantage of being recognised by Government, Unions, HMRC, Academics – and the CIPD.  However, a common and persisting perception of many is that HMRC sees Independents as tax dodgers;  Unions see Independents as Zero Hour Workers and Government does not know quite what it thinks.

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