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The WorkingFree Discovery Suite

The Working Free Programme is an integrated experience. Its formula consists of reading, listening and one to one discussions with Experts.

The Working Free Programme starts with these three Discovery MasterClasses – the Working Free Discovery Suite – linking you to our extensive range of optional MasterClasses and Workshops thereafter if you wish..

Designed specifically for supporting the senior executive coming off the payroll and into independent working – setting up their own business – our joint task is to build on the extensive knowledge and experience and focusing it on their own business– their own entrepreneurial business.

Investing in Working Free should lay the foundations for a career that you probably never anticipated doing. Our own hope – indeed expectation – is that you will be enthused – ideally excited – by the possibilities of what might happen next after your mainstream career.

You are investing in your future – for virtually no risk – other than the cost of one MasterClass Bundle – an integrated experience, consisting of reading, listening and one to one discussions with Experts – an experience that can last for up to three months, should you wish.  After that, each MasterClass should be seen as optional. But exploring the possibilities has to be the right thing to do.

Overview of the Discovery Suite Bundle

The Discovery Suite is our entry level MasterClass – consisting of three  MasterClasses – Overview of the Discovery Suite;  Developing and Delivering your Personal Professional Product (PPP) and How to win Work.

Our recommendation is that this generalist approach is the starting point for all Clients – being a springboard into our other specialist MasterClasses which can then be approached on a selective basis.  It is also ideal for those undecided as to whether Independent Working is for them.  In real life it is rarely an outright NO decision.  There are invariably Shades of Grey.

All our MasterClasses for the Discovery Suite and Independent Career Options consist of these three Presentations – each being of the same importance and promoting a common understanding of the fundamentals.

Developing and Delivering your Personal Professional Product (PPP)

This looks at YOU; YOU as a person and as a Professional and what you have to do in setting up your (new) business.  This should leave you equipped and ready to find the work ………..

How to win Work

Those who find winning work daunting are those who have never done it before.  Those who have done it, would agree that you don’t win all the time. But that is not what you want.  Winning some of the time is so often mission accomplished. Don’t forget that lead times can be long.  Virtually all the time, relationships come before sales. There are rewards for hard work! You need to find your own level. Rarely is there a silver bullet – but always welcome.

“Better Comes Next” is our collaborative and inclusive management mission.

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