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Why WorkingFree?

Why WorkingFree?

Working Free has developed its model over a number of years.

Working Free It is a new niche concept on an old theme – How senior people can re-invent themselves after a mainstream career – in this context, as an Independent Professional.

Its Founders, Directors and Delivery Partners have long term personal experience of independent working.  They also have specific professional experience in those technical sectors applicable to the MasterClasses that they present.

What drives us is our core belief that the UK’s working population of about 32m is heading towards parity between purely FTEs (Full Time Employed) and all the others who we describe as Self Drive Workers. This is our contention. We expect that Independent working at senior levels will increase and become an integral part of all resourcing models.  Working Free is well positioned.

We base our judgements on the monthly Employment statistics published by the ONS.  We also lean heavily of the employment material published by www.Employment-Studies.co.uk and www.ResolutionFoundation.co.uk  Whatever anyone thinks – or calculates different figures – it is difficult to ignore this structural change.

Covid, Tech, ESG and Brexit have all combined in having a dramatic impact on the ways we work – and lead our working and private lives.  Much of this continues to unfold – and looks likely to continue for some time.

Virtually instantaneous communications – in many forms; a resetting of the Employer/Employee relationship; a rethinking of the work/life balance philosophy; replacing line-of-sight management with trust – and education; the upending of the meaning of friendships; learning how to reconcile new concepts of individualism with collaboration and team-work – and short-term needs with longer-term relationships.

These are the new driving forces.

Working Free offers professional responses to all this change.


“Better Comes Next” is our collaborative and inclusive management mission.

Those who have created and developed their talent through a career at senior levels are increasingly looking  to adapt to new circumstances, demands and opportunities operating independently.  It is also about people and organisations recognising this level of flexibility with shared, recalibrated  and sometimes brave aspirations working together for whatever becomes possible.

At Working Free, we see our relationships with clients as bespoke, continuous and integral to their relationships with their own growing people diasporas

The Working Free Programme is carefully designed and positioned to support this process.

Let us take you there through our comprehensive and practical Programme.

“Better Comes Next” is our collaborative and inclusive management mission.

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