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Working Free supports the Senior Executive considering or embarking on a new career as an independent professional. We work with Individuals directly and with Organisations as part of restructuring, redundancy, outplacement, career development or other mid-career transitioning arrangements and where independent working at senior levels is seen as an attractive way forward.

Professional Practices range from the global multi-function advisory businesses including the accountancy-based firms through similar-function but smaller organisations to the niche and specialist professional firms in a variety of sectors.

All these firms have to balance workloads with people resources. All the time.

Continuously changing, these organisations adapt various business models to handle these operational supply and demand issues.  Major changes present greater challenges. Differing magnitudes of change – actual and anticipated – create more difficult responses.

Mortifying to have to turn work down due to lack of professionals to staff up the consultancy teams.  Verging on the suicidal to take on work with insufficient and/or inappropriate professionals.

The process of creating excellence, team-building cohesion and strong  brand development  in the biggest Professional Firms can be gut-wrenching when you have to dismantle it.  Sometimes, the firm gets this management process wrong resulting in having to downsize/rightsize at short notice.

Working Free offers a different way of looking at this. It will enable organisations to establish a different type of relationship with their senior people.

 It is an extension of the principles adopted by many professional firms in establishing and supporting their Alumni Associations.


History points to an interesting irony when Organisations – particularly in Professional Services organisations – lay off senior professionals as major exercises. Cynics and veterans of previous major shifts in staffing models will point out that what they are doing is simply creating future competitors and with no specific allegiance to their former employer. 

Not widely appreciated is the process adopted by many of focussing on the skillsets already developed and with backgrounds with which they are familiar – aiming to set up new firms which, in effect, compete with their previous employer. They also operate often in collaboration with other like-minded professionals, taking the view that this would improve outcomes. Seeking to join former clients is often an option.

All of this can work.  But, often, they pick wrong business models. Some models look good but don’t stand the test of time. But Working Free would contend that employers should – and can – turn risk into opportunity.

The Working Free Programme enables employers to turn any of these risks into benefits.  Acting positively enjoins them as members and collaborators into their own networks and as powerful extension of their own alumni networks where these exist.

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“Better Comes Next” is our collaborative and inclusive management mission.

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