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Working Free Ltd  Terms of Business – OnDemand – 7.10.23

Working Free supports the Senior Executive considering or embarking on a new career as an independent professional.

The Working Free MasterClass is an integrated experience. Its formula consists of reading, listening and one to one discussion with Experts.

We work and contract with Individuals directly irrespective  of the source of the introduction.  We also work and contract with  Organisations, either directly or for named individuals. All are referred to as “Clients”.

Our work for Organisations is likely to be  part of restructuring, redundancy, outplacement, career development or other mid-career transitioning arrangements and where independent working at senior levels is seen as an attractive way forward.

The Working Free Programme  consists of an expanding range of MasterClasses covering Career Options, Support Topics and Guest Workshops – and delivered OnDemand, OnLine or Live Onsite – and through our Learning Management System and Specialist Delivery Partners.

Each of the 3 Delivery Formats has its own Terms of Business.

This document is for the OnDemand Delivery Format.


“Company” refers to Working Free Ltd.

“Client” is the organisation or individual entering in to contract with the company via the acceptance of these terms and conditions

“Events or Event” mean the full range of  MasterClasses covering Career Options, Support Topics and also Guest Workshops.

“Contract” means the legal contract/agreement  between the Company and the Client for the purchase and supply of a service in accordance with the terms within these Terms of Business.

“Delivery Format” means the way of enabling the Client to experience a Working Free Event, as defined above .  The three Working Free Formats are OnDemand,  Online and Live OnSite.

“Booking” means the confirmation by a client of their purchase request and acceptance of our conditions of contract. Confirmation for the OnDemand product/service occurs at the moment of online payment. This is evidenced on the completed “Booking Form”

“The Product” means the Working Free Programme or any constituent part of it.

General Statements

  • Working Free Limited cannot accept any responsibility for any loss or disadvantage that may arise out of reliance on any opinions, material or introductions made through this website and all those making use of the services should take appropriate business and legal advice and conduct appropriate due diligence before making any commitment.
  • All material contained in in this website is the intellectual property of Working Free Ltd except where we specifically make aware otherwise.
  • Our intellectual property may not be copied and/or used for any purpose other than that contracted for without specific permission in writing.
  • Our Product Pricing Schedule is available on our website and also on our Booking Form.

Client Terms and Conditions

  1. Making a Booking

1.1 Bookings for an event are made by signing on for the On Demand online Event electronically, completing the Booking Form with the required details and paying the published Fee through the offered online payment mechanism.

1.2 The booking is deemed to be accepted when the Company issues written online acceptance of the Booking within 24 hours of the Client making the booking as confirmation of the contract, with a receipted invoice  and of the receipt of payment. At this point the Contract shall come into existence (Date of Commencement).

1.3 Where a Client Organisation makes a booking for one or more employees, then the Company’s contract is with the Client making the booking but the required details of the Individuals must be supplied.

1.4 All clients must observe and comply with these terms and conditions set out under the conditions of contract. A breech from any employee of the Client will be treated as a breach by the client.

  1. Payments

2.1 The company shall invoice the Client electronically at the same time as the booking is made

2.2 All Bookings must be paid in full to enable  entrance to the Event.

  1. Discounts

3.1. Where Discounts are made by the company, the Client will effect these by inserting the Discount code during the electronic booking process.

  1. Cancellations and Complaints

4.1. It is NOT the company’s policy to accept cancellations and make refunds because once the material has been released to the Client, the nature of digital intellectual property is that it cannot be returned.  The company will, however, withdraw access to the material as and when notified.  Nevertheless, the company is proud of its products and keen to establish, maintain and develop excellent business relationship and will be pleased to enter into discussion with a view to coming to an amicable and mutually satisfactory outcome.

4.2 The company may, at its absolute discretion, terminate or decline a booking and return the payment to the Client if that has been made.

4.3 The company may terminate the Agreement at its absolute discretion if activity in breech of this contract occurs including acts of damage or misuse.

4.4 Working Free welcomes all comments about any part of its Programme and its delivery.  The Working Free Programme actively seeks a collaborative relationship with all parties with whom it interacts and is constantly making changes around its specific purposes. This is appropriate to the market within which it operates.

Within this will be complaints – either described as such or of that character. These should be addressed to the Managing Director at hello@workingfree.co.uk .  The Managing Director shall respond promptly and actively seek to resolve issues arising.

The company assumes that these interactions will be conducted in good faith, proportionately and creatively.  The Working Free specific market is a new but expanding one and little precedent of identifying and handling complaints exists.

  1. Alterations to Programme

5.1 The Working Free product is live and online.  An integral part of the business model is the continuous updating of the content and the company reserves the right to make alterations to the event programme at any time.

5.2 Please note that some of the materials and objectives may be subject to change depending on discussions, activities and needs of Client exchanges.

  1. Data Protection and Personal data

Please see our formal Policy Notes on www.WorkingFree.co.uk – click on link in footer of home page.  This section is additional to that Policy.

6.1 Working Free Ltd is the Data Controller and Data Processor of any personal data you supply. The personal data you supplied will be used to process your booking.

6.2 We do not pass data to any third party without consent. However, please note that by registering for an Event  you consent to us processing your data to enable us to deliver the service you have purchased. By submitting registration details, You agree to allow the company,  sponsors and Delivery Partners associated with the  Event to contact you regarding your booking and progress of the OnDemand MasterClass and other company services.

Required registration details are:   full personal name  (Person actually “attending”) – company and individual if you have a sponsoring Corporate); email addresses; websites if there is one – and your personal telephone number. We need your telephone number to manage the contract and relationship you have purchased – particularly the ongoing relationship with your Working Free Specialist Delivery Partner.

6.3  You have the right to object to your data being used for specific purposes. If you have a specific objection, please email us at hello@WorkingFree.co.uk with the subject line ‘Data protection’.

  1. Force Majeure

7.1 The Company is relieved of all its obligations if any act is outside the company’s control and impact the company’s ability to deliver the event including acts of god, danger of war, fire or severe disturbances affecting the organisation, venue or its suppliers.

  1. The Company reserves the right to revise these Conditions at any point before a booking is made and where the Client is made aware of the changes.
  2. Content and Supply of Services

 9.1 The Company shall supply the Services to the Client in accordance with the agreed mutual understanding of those services. The OnDemand format is delivered through zoom although actual face to face meetings can be arranged with the Specialist Delivery Partner at extra cost.

9.2 but subject to changes under these terms.

9.3 The Company warrants to the Client that the Services will be provided using reasonable care and skill.

The point of contact is Charles M Russam, Director, Working Free Ltd

08081 565604 – 07785 297059.  charles.russam@WorkingFree.co.uk . www.WorkingFree.co.uk

Working Free Limited is a company registered in England and Wales. Regd number: 08963376.  Regd Office: 45 Pall Mall, London.  SW1Y 5JG.

“Better Comes Next” is our collaborative and inclusive management mission.

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Working Free Ltd cannot accept any responsibility for any loss or disadvantage that may arise out of reliance on any opinions, material or introductions made through this website and all those making use of these services should take appropriate business and legal advice and conduct appropriate due diligence before making any commitments.

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