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Our Clients Introduction

WorkingFree supports the Senior Executive considering or embarking on a new career as an independent professional.

We work with Individuals directly and with Organisations as part of restructuring, redundancy, outplacement, career development or other mid-career transitioning arrangements and where independent working at senior levels is seen as an attractive way forward.

Our Programmes are focussed on the Individual – but mostly these Individuals are part of Organisations, sponsored by Organisations and introduced to us as part of their internal processes and philosophies about people management and development within today’s management reactive thinking about people.

Here’s the background

Constant and continuous change in the UK employment market can be difficult to track, to interpret in ways that work best for the Organisation and the Individual alike and to translate into workable, durable and sustainable advantage for all.  Working Free offers an innovative solution for this.

Moving out of Covid, the picture could be described like this:-

Virtually instantaneous communications – in many forms; a resetting of the Employer/Employee relationship; a rethinking of the work/life balance philosophy; replacing line-of-sight management with trust – and education; the upending of the meaning of friendships; learning how to reconcile new concepts of individualism with collaboration and team-work – and short-term needs with longer-term relationships.

The Institute of Employment studies Report (16.4.24) says this – largely about worklessness:- :-

In our view, today’s data presents the clearest signs yet that a weak labour market is holding back growth far more than weak growth is holding back the labour market.

Unless this is reversed, growth won’t happen – whatever anything that is done or happens – and employment structures will need to change – again , differently and negatively.

Notwithstanding this and in the outer reaches of what is happening, many Organisations are starting to puzzle out how they might need to adapt to any or all of this.  Part of this is transitioning senior people towards Independent working. Working Free’s contention is that ONS statistics point to this moving towards parity with FTE workers (Full time Employees.)

WorkingFree sees these Organisations as our Clients. Within this, our approach is to develop specific niches.                    

Happy to talk about any of this.

What might help is to have a look at Diaspora Business Networks – is this the coming business model?  The best way to find this is to put Diaspora Business Networks into google.

“Better Comes Next” is our collaborative and inclusive management mission.

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