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Note 6.1.2

Not many Interim Managers see this as important – but its principles lie at the heart of this Working Free concept and overall website.

Setting up an Interim Management Practice – and running it – always needs to inter-relate with and be affected by a range of external factors.  Understanding these at the outset and being alert to changes is an integral part of running your Practice. See section 4 – The Self Drive Worker Concept.

Broadly, the Self Drive Worker Concept sets out the case for only about half the UK’s working population of 32m being full time employees on a payroll.  The others are not full time on anyone’s payroll. But they work.  Again, broadly, this half of the working population have to find their own work.

Study these figures – make your own assessment of what these figures mean and which bits you agree with or don’t agree with  – and what difference does it make to you as you come off the corporate payroll and set out to do your own thing.

You need to decide exactly where you fit into the broad and complex composition of about half the UK’s working population. Understanding this will enable you to get a fix on exactly what your “Professional Product” is, where your market is and , to some extent, how you get the work.

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