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WFL – Equality & Diversity Policy – 2.9.23

Statement of Commitment

Working Free believes that following a policy of equality and diversity will benefit not only the individual but also enrich the whole organisation and thereby its work, conferring benefit on Clients, and all employees of the company.

Equality is one of Working Free’s core values and the whole company is committed to ensuring that equality is integral to all its policies and practices. Equality is essential to ensuring that services are accessible to all those people who need the help of the company and who work alongside us and on a level playing field.

Working Free  recognises that diversity brings positive benefits to the organisation’s work and is committed to challenging all forms of discrimination and unfair disadvantage in every aspect of its work and working practices.

Working Free aims to provide equality of opportunity for anyone who comes into contact with the organisation and to ensure that no-one is treated less favourably because of their gender, marital status, race, colour, nationality, ethnic origins, age, disability, sexual orientation, HIV or any other medical status, employment status, religious or political beliefs, parental or carer status or any unrelated criminal offence. Harassment or bullying will be challenged and not tolerated.

We are committed to:

  • Opposing all forms of discrimination – individual and institutional, direct or indirect.
  • Challenging the false beliefs about different groups in society inherent in racism, sexism, heterosexism, homophobia, ageism and assumptions regarding disability.
  • Promoting and celebrating the diversity of all the people with whom we work, valuing their contributions and ensuring they are given the opportunity to realise their full potential within Working Free.

Working Free will work hard to ensure that:

  • The different needs and expectations of employees and  clients  are met.
  • Our services are accessible, high quality and offered on a fair and equitable basis.
  • We recruit and retain the best staff and Associates possible, by eliminating all forms of discrimination in recruitment and employment.

We promote and value diversity in all that we do.

Working Free will assess the current composition of our current range of those with whom we work and establish targets to take positive steps to achieve standards that reflect the communities from which they come. As a result of this, we will – as and when possible:

  • Increase the number of employees and Associates from black and minority groups.
  • Make posts more accessible and increase the number of, people with disabilities.
  • Encourage age diversity in the workforce.

WFL – 2.9.23

“Better Comes Next” is our collaborative and inclusive management mission.

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