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Working Free for Organisations

We all have our own understandings of the changes that have been taking place over the past few years – and this overall Working Free website takes a broad, penetrating and creative view of this market.  This forms the authoritative base for all our work.


As always, Organisations want the right people doing the right jobs in the most effective and efficient ways. Adding value in excess that which is needed, expected and contracted for are the real game-changers.  Recent well-documented changes have impinged on this – and, is come cases, derailed the line of travel. The purpose of Working Free is to help organisations – and Individuals – get the very best out of this overall process of fundamental change.

Handling major changes.

However, major changes within the senior workforce (and elsewhere) have and continue to change these traditional views on managing, directing and regulating relationships and are moving towards collaborating, connecting, sharing and partnering.

Going that extra mile.

Whilst recognising the core importance of Individuals, Working Free offers benefits for Organisations as part of restructuring, redundancy, outplacement, career development or other mid-career transitioning arrangements . More organisations  are becoming involved in what happens to their senior people when they leave.  Helping them in ways other than traditional Outplacement support  is increasingly more attractive to many Organisations involved cand where independent working at senior levels is seen as an attractive way forward.

Importantly, underlying the extensive Working Free Programme – see schematic below – are a number of important and so often not recognised issues.   These include :-

  • Endowing your senior people with new personal and professional skills is becoming the sensible thing to do.
  • Accessing relevant and timely key Skills, Experience and Energies is imperative – as is retaining the ones you’ve got.
  • What sort of support works best in retaining the senior people you’ve got? What can you do for them of bonding value?
  • Those leaving under restructuring programmes don’t all want to find roles mirroring the one they’ve just left.
  • Good leavers are worth keeping in touch with – achieving enduring connections.
  • Re-engaging Former Employees on a Freelance Basis is becoming a default – in spite of IR35.
  • Enhancing your corporate CSR and ESG Programmes.#
  • An enlightened alternative to traditional outplacement services

Please see the Schematic – that follows here – itemising our total and integrated product offering.

Our overall WorkingFree Programme consists of an expanding range of one-hour MasterClasses  

Supporting all this – and responding to demand – we deliver Follow-Up Groups,  Workshops supporting our MasterClasses and Working Free Strategy Groups as the Working Free approach to corporate  community building.

“Better Comes Next” is our collaborative and inclusive management mission.

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