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Working Free for Individuals

What it means for Individuals

All our practical work is with Individuals. Most of the Individuals we work with will be introduced to us by our client Organisations but we also work with Individuals who approach us directly.

This is what Working Free should mean for ALL Individuals:-

  • A preparation for new working environments and models.
  • A broadening, an extension and – maybe – a renewal – of personal and professional skills.
  • An exploration of entrepreneurial skillsets, attitudes and behaviours. 
  • It’s a lifestyle change from dependence to independence.
  • Working Free builds on what you’ve got – it does not start again.

Clearly, Individuals who approach us directly do not have the advantage of working in Groups or sponsorship from an organisation – so we vary our Product offering.

  • We would suggest exploring our range of MasterClasses and choosing our OnDemand Format -which means that you can access one or more of these MasterClasses whenever and however might best suit your personal needs.
  • But firstly ……… we invite you to contact us ……. and we can explore with you the Working Free Programme – probably based on a guided tour around our Programme and our website.
  • We can discuss briefly with you your own current position, aspirations and options.
  • If you felt that needed a more tailored approach than this, we would be pleased to put together a Personal Programme – a Bespoke Plan – scoped out, planned, agreed, costed and delivered to suit.

We would also take this conversation opportunity to discuss with you how our flexible Fee structure works. These will be agreed and payable in advance and we would be pleased to send you our Terms of business.

Working Free can help you tap into the knowledge, the experience, the issues and the challenges towards making  sound judgements and, maybe, a new and fulfilling and, probably unexpected, phase in your career operating on an Independent.

Please email hello@WorkingFree.co.uk for more information and to arrange a conversation.

“Better Comes Next” is our collaborative and inclusive management mission.

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